Paper Works


Collage made of newspapers from around the wold; China, Japan, Russia, Arabic, Hebraic and more…….. all coexisting in beautifull organic forms.

`good news 1`Collage

`good news 1`Collage


`Good News 2` 120×120 cm.


`Van fucking Gogh` 120×120 cm.

.FullSizeRender kopi 9


FullSizeRender kopi 10`98×39 cm.


Ùnique 1` collage 60×60 cm.IMG_7516

Ùnique 2` collage 60×60 cm.

IMG_7187Ìdentity map 1`

FullSizeRender kopi 2

Ìdentity map 2.`

FullSizeRender kopi


56×76 cm. Atlas flower 1.


´Atlas flower 2`


Atlas flower 3